Our program is called CONNECT! and is based on the LOGOS program, which is an intergenerational ministry that involves all ages, as we work to build relationships with one another and explore our relationship with God.

  • Children will experience the opportunity to dine with a “church family” of different ages. 
  • Children will experience team building and problem solving through our re-creation time. 
  • Children will explore their faith, strengthen their relationship with God, and discuss how the Bible lessons pertain to their daily lives. 
  • Children will have opportunities to become active participants in worship and understand what it means to worship. 

Children are divided into 2 age groups (K-2nd and 3rd-5th) so that their learning opportunities are developmentally appropriate.

Pre-registration is recommended.

during the

school year

We meet on Wednesday nights from 5:00 p.m. – 7:15 p.m.

in the church fellowship hall. There are 2 sessions during the school year, one in fall and one in winter, each lasting 8 weeks.

There is a $35 charge per session which helps cover the costs of the meal, the curriculum, and supplies for the 8 –week session.

Our evening includes a meal (Family Time) shared with church members and friends, and then we move into the guided learning groups: recreation, worship arts, Bible

February - april  schedule

Date               Theme                                                           Meal                                                                         

2/13                 Valentines’ Day Celebration               Chicken Nuggets/Mac n Cheese/Valentine Dessert             

2/20                 Backwards Day                                   Spaghetti/Meatballs/veggie/Dessert                                    

2/27                 Heroes                                                 Pancakes/applesauce/dessert                                               

3/6                   Ash Wednesday                                   Soup/Sandwich with church                                                   

3/13                 St. Patrick’s Day                                  Sloppy Joes/Chips/dessert                                                     

            3/20                 Jungle/It’s a Bug’s Life                                    Tacos/dessert                                                                         

3/27                 Favorite Color Night                           Hot dogs/mac n cheese/dessert                                            

4/3                   Easter Celebration - Spring                Mashed Potatoes Bar/dessert


Special Dates:

March 6                Schedule will be a bit different:  Curriculum (Recreation, Worship Arts, Bible Study will be first, beginning at 5:10pm and dinner will be with the church for Ash Wednesday Soup/Sandwich Dinner. Feel free to join us at 6:15pm. If you don’t choose to, you’ll be able to pick your children up from the sanctuary. There will be worship service at 7:00pm that  you are invited to. It is casual.

March 17             Younger children will be participating in the 11:00 Worship Service.

                                Older children will be assisting with different jobs at 11:00 Worship Service