Interested candidates should apply by completing our Employment Application and submitting it, along with your professional resume and a cover letter, to the search committee at preksearch@sapclynchburg.org.  

Lead Teacher MWF Two year class:

This is a part-time position Leading our Monday, Wednesday, Friday morning Two-Year Old Class.

This position is 12 hours per week (8:50 AM- 12:50 PM) and is a fun position with our youngest group of learners!

3-5 years experience working with young children (preferably in a preschool setting) and an Associates Degree in Child Development or a Bachelors Degree in Early Childhood Education or a closely related field are required. The Lead Teacher will, with the support of an Assistant Teacher, create a welcoming and enriching classroom environment where children learn social skills, develop language and self-help skills and play and learn together. The Lead Teacher will create and implement lesson plans with developmentally appropriate activities for this young age as well as care for students needs, including changing diapers.

This is a salaried position with paid leave time proportionate to the working days per month. The salary is commensurate with level of education and experience. For more information please e-mail our director, Sara Williams.