traditional worship

Our traditional service at 11:00 a.m. in the Sanctuary on Sundays is similar to what you'll find in most mainline Protestant churches. We have corporate readings and prayers, choir and organ music, robes, hymnals, confessions of faith, Scripture readings, proclamation of the Gospel, celebration of the sacraments, and collection of offerings. If you appreciate the established rhythms of worship and connection to the ancient practices of the church, this service will speak to you.

Our traditional service is live-streamed

on our YouTube channel every Sunday

for those who cannot attend in person.


Our 9:00 a.m. service follows the Presbyterian pattern of worship, but with more casual and informal elements. Contemporary worship music, a guitar-led praise band, abbreviated liturgy, and the relaxed atmosphere all make this service more family-friendly - especially for little ones with a lot of energy! During the summer months, the Jubilee service meets in our outdoor chapel, where you can glorify God from right in the midst of his beautiful creation.


Children between Kindergarten and 3rd grade have the opportunity to experience weekly worship at their level. Following the children's sermon about 15 minutes into the hour, children may leave the sanctuary with the class leaders to participate in storytelling, crafts, music, and other age-appropriate expressions of worship. Children's worship is offered during both services. Children are invited to remain in the sanctuary for the entire worship service on the 1st Sunday of each month, so families may receive Communion together.