Registration & Fees


General Registration Information

Upon beginning enrollment for the year there will be a $100 non-refundable enrollment fee per child.

It's time to think about registering for preschool for next year!
St. Andrew Preschool offers play based morning preschool for ages 18 months through age 4 (by Sept. 30th) as well as extended day childcare options for before and after (early drop off- 7:45-8:45a.m., lunch bunch- noon to 2:15 and possibly CAPs- noon to 5:30 -if there is enough interest in extended hours.)

Currently enrolled families will receive registration forms through email.

Remaining spaces will be open for registration to the general community on Monday, March 4, 2023.  Registration will begin at 8:00am outside of the preschool and available spaces will be filled on a first come first served basis.

St. Andrew Preschool

Registration and Tuition Information UPDATE COMING SOON

2024-25 School Year

Morning Preschool Classes Offered: (8:45-noon)


(for children 18 mos. or older by Sept. 30th, 2023)

Tuesday & Thursday ($/Month)

Monday, Wednesday and Friday ($/Month)


(for children 2 by Sept. 30th, 2023)

Tuesday & Thursday ($/Month)

Monday, Wednesday & Friday ($/Month)


(for children 3 by Sept. 30th, 2023)

Tuesday & Thursday ($/Month)
Monday, Wednesday & Friday ($/Month)
Monday through Friday ($/Month)


(for children 4 by Sept. 30th, 2023)

Monday through Friday Pre-K  (classes coordinated by age) ($/Month)
Tuesday through Friday Pre-K ($/Month)
(for children 4 by September 30, 2023)

St. Andrew Preschool offers the following extended day programs:
EARLY DROP-OFF: 7:45-8:45 AM (ages 2 and up)
LUNCH BUNCH: Noon-2:15 PM (ages 3 and up- must be potty-trained)

CAPs- Full Day “Care After Preschool”: Noon-5:30 PM (ages 3 and up)

o 5 Days/week

o 4 Days/week

o 3 Days/week

o 2 Days/week

Depending on the number of families interested in enrolling, the CAPS program may be offered this school year.

Tuition Rates: TBD



For more information or to schedule a tour contact Sara Williams at 237-4727 or

We look forward to seeing you!