Music and Worship

We love to glorify and worship God by our music!

Musically, we integrate all styles of music into our repertoire, from contemporary worship music to classical pieces to anthem arrangements of more modern praise songs. It is our hope to minister to every worshiper, that each may feel more connected to God in worship through music that is meaningful and speaks to their souls. It also allows for our congregation to be exposed to less familiar styles, so we might all grow together in our worship experience. Some of the popular choral composers you will hear here include Joseph Martin, Pepper Choplin, Craig Courtney, Keith and Krystin Getty, and their peers. We carefully strive to connect our anthem offertory selections to the scripture and sermon themes for each service to support and expand the message of the day.

Jubilee Praise Team

For our Jubilee Service at 9:00 a.m., we are led in musical worship by piano, acoustic guitar and electric bass guitar, with a small intergenerational group of singers leading the congregation in hymns and worship songs thematically connected to each service. Our goal here is to have the congregation involved as much as possible in the music of this service, especially engaging those who may not feel prepared to participate in more “formal” music. This is a wonderful opportunity especially for our young families to begin to learn how to participate together in worship. As this service is held in our outdoor chapel during the spring and summer seasons, this less formal musical style works well to keep music as a very important element of our worship.

Chancel Choir

REHEARSALS, Wednesday evenings - 7:00 p.m., Choir Room

Our Adult Chancel Choir is part of the 11:00 a.m. service every Sunday for most of the year (we take a little time off over the summer). This group of caring friends work hard to produce quality music to offer in worship, and are very dedicated to supporting each other in prayer and service as brothers and sisters in Christ. As music is chosen with consideration to theologically sound lyrics, musicality of the composition, and specific abilities of our choir members; this is an effort not only to present music to enhance worship, but also to challenge our choir members musically toward growth with new and harmonically interesting choral works and allow for more familiar styles and favorite songs with which to celebrate our gift of singing to the glory of God.

Children:  Junior Choir

We involve our children in our music ministry with an annual Christmas pageant, where they can enact the Christmas story and sing seasonal songs throughout the service. We also engage our elementary children in a loosely organized Children’s Choir where they can learn some wonderful and meaningful sacred songs during their Sunday School hour and then occasionally present these songs in worship. As our children age into it, we are sometimes able to organize a longer dedicated time for children’s choir rehearsal and presentations; this seems to work best to organize seasonally/yearly according to the ages of our participating children at any given time.

Handbell Choir

St. Andrew has 3 octaves of Schulmerich handbells, which have been used by organized handbell choirs intermittently over the years. As a handbell choir ministry depends very specifically on a particular number or participants, we use the handbells when we have that number of participants available. We currently hope to have a handbell choir rehearsing and presenting in worship again in the near future.